the Team

Steve Sewell
President & CEO

Steve has an extensive history of helping large industrial clientele solve raw material consumption and disposal problems. His understanding of the multifaceted issues effecting logistics, handling and delivery, and the effect of niche material characteristics on the efficiency of use across a broad range of industrial applications is essential to putting forth the proper plan of action. Steve has a deep and intimate understanding of the Flash Rockwell technology and the cause and effect of issues effecting performance capabilities. His experience across a broad array of potential ‘fields of use’ is unique and critical to the ultimate success of implementing the technology in the marketplace.


John Hogan
Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer

John is the inventor of the Company's technology. He has 44 years of heavy equipment repair and installation experience, 30 years of which he completed highend hydraulic pump material upgrades, retrofits and repair engineering of up to 120” Cooling Tower Pumps. He has been a master machinist, repair engineer, and sales engineer, working for Sulzer Pumps, ITT, and Johnston Pumps, while serving clients such as PG&E, Pacificorp, Arizona Public Service, Basin Electric, and Great River Energy. He is highly respected by the customers he served for his unique ability to design, implement, and support solutions to their problems. His innovations include a ski simulator, a golfing aid, a design for ski pants, and patents for wings, propellers, fuselages, and rocket nozzles. John’s strength is taking an inefficient device and transforming it to a highly efficient one, saving customers time, money, and ultimately down time. In addition, to the Company’s pending patents, John holds five granted patents with two patents pending.


Herbert Riemenschneider
Vice President Innovation & Technology

Herbert is a chemical engineer and is specialized in particle technology. After his doctorate in solid-liquid-separation he joined Degussa/Evonik where he had different positions in process technology, plant engineering/production, and engineering. After being the head of the Particle Technology Department of Degussa in Hanau/Germany his biggest challenge was to establish a Process Technology Department in Mobile/USA. After this he became the Vice President Process Technology & Engineering Americas. From this department all plant sites in the Americas were supported regarding process development, conceptional engineering, basic & detail engineering, and construction. Another main responsibility for Herbert was to find and hire engineering talents from international universities. He was also the head of the Evonik Corporation roundtable “Personnel Production & Technology” which prepared technical staffing and succession planning for technical key positions in the Americas. Herbert lectured at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany for more than 25 years chemical engineering and is appointed honorary professor. After more than 30 years of service Herbert retired from Evonik and supports now Flash Rockwell customers to implement efficient state-of-the-art production processes.